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DTM Round 9 report published

This Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) report is produced by the International Organization for Migration in its role as Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) Cluster Lead Agency. The DTM monitors the status and location of displaced populations in temporary displacement sites, gathering information about humanitarian needs and gaps of persons displaced by the earthquake. The data is collected primarily through key informant interviews, observations, small group discussions with both men, women and children.


65 active sites hosting 20 or more households assessed between 28 November and 10 Dec 2016 in 11 districts

15,595 people from 3,753 households were living in 65 sites hosting 20 or more households

4 new site had become active after Round 8 assessments and 5 sites which were assessed in Round 8 had been found closed in Round 9.

From 28th November to 10th December 2016, the DTM team planned to visit 72 potential displacement sites across the affected districts including that of Dhading district. Of these, 65 were active and hosting 20 households or more in camp-like settings while remaining 7, were found closed or below DTM criteria (20 or more households). These 65 sites were hosting an estimated 3,753households (15,595 people): 7,953 female, 7,642 male and 1,952 children under 5 years old.

Since the last round of DTM (Round 8), the number of IDPs assessed has dropped by almost 15%, as can be seen in the table below:


  Number of Sites Number of Households Number of Individuals
Round 2 409 21,711 117,700
Round 3 104 11,100 59,433
Round 4 120 11,703 58,689
Round 5 100 8,207 40,706
Round 6 82 5,727 26,272
Round 7 78 4,628 21,315
Round 8 65 4,024 18,292
Rouond 9 65 3,753 15,595


DTM report and all information products can be accessed using links:


DTM R9 - Report (High resolution) Size (5.3MB)

    DTM R9- Raw Data Size (120 KB)

DTM R9 - National and District Profiles Size (2.8 MB)


DTM R9 - Site Assessment Form Size (595 KB)