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DTM R6 Assessment Completed

Sixth instalment of Displacement Tracking Matrix(DTM) assessment has been completed and the data collected is being processed for further analysis and report generation. It was started from 22nd February and ended on 4th of March 2016. 107 targeted sites in 12 districts were visited by teams from Kathmandu,Charikot, Chautara and Gorkha offices. Preliminary findings report that 26,272 IDPs of 5,727 households are residing in those 82 sites. Below is the district-wise figures.

DTM R6 Findings

Enumerator Conduction RIS

Bulungkhani Informant

Pic 1: Pemba, enumerator from Dolakha, asking RIS questionnaire to head of household. Pic 2: DTM Staff interacting with site residents in Bulungkhani of Dolakha district.

 Return Intention Survey (RIS) was also carried out along with DTM to know the return intention of the internally displaced populations in the sites and the challenge they might face to get back and resume their livelihood. 1189 sample households were asked the set of questionnaire to gather information on the return specific issues.