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National CCCM Cluster Meeting - Friday, October 16, 2015

Date: 16 October, 2015

Cluster Leads:  DUDBC: Rabi Shah rabibshah@gmail.com          

Co-Lead: IOM: Leelaraj Upadhyay lrupadhyay@iom.int 9801009207

Participants: ACTED, IOM, Salvation Army, NCV, OCHA, WASH Cluster, Protection Cluster, Asia Olnus, DFID



  • Welcome and introduction
  • Updating CCCM Strategy including coordination mechanism as per transition plan
  • Planned Winterization supports to IDPs – agencies to update on their planned coverage
  • Updates from Agencies and hubs on CCCM
  • AOB

Minutes of the Meeting

Click here to download minutes file. (File size: 289 Kb)

Presentation File(s)

Participant Presentation File (click to download file)
Shelter & NFI Cluster Download...  (File size: 289 Kb)