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Monsoon Situation

Sites Situation in Monsoon

43%of sites assessed had no vehicular accessibility in the monsoon season.


Site remains accessible in rainy season (monsoon)?

Sites which had accessibility problem in the monsoon were mainly located in districts: Gorkha, Lalitpur, Nuwakot, Ramechhap, Rasuwa and Sindhupalchok.


Sites in districts having accessibility issues in monsoon.

Muddy path to sites, and land-sliding were the main reasons for no vehicular access to sites in monsoon season.







Shelters conditions

Of 65 sites assessed, 17 sites reported that most of the shelters at sites were in poor condition and won’t sustain in monsoon. 52% of shelter at sites were neither wind-proof nor water proof.


Shelter condition

Livelihood Accessibility

In 17 of 65 sites assessed, more than 75% households would have access to their livelihood sources in monsoon whereas in 33 sites none or less than 50% residents would get access to livelihood sources.


 % of households having LIVELIHOOD sourced remain accessible during rainy season.

WASH Facilities (toilets, bathrooms)

Of 65 active sites, 9 sites reported that there are issues with WASH facilities on site during monsoon due to muddy surface and the fact that WASH facilities were not built to sustain in raining seasons.




Drinking Water Accessibility

11 of 65 sites assessed reported that drinking water is not accessible for site residents in during monsoon season. Reasons for inaccessibility are: Rains make water in open water storage/well polluted and muddy and the water source being far from site.Mon5

Do DRINKING WATER ramin accessible during rainy season?

Health Facility Accessibility

Of 65 sites assessed, residents of 61 sites have access to nearby health facilities whereas residents of 4 sites are facing problems in accessing health facilities in monsoon. Reasons for inaccessibility would be: Muddy path to the facilities and far health facilities from the site.

Emergency Contact Awareness

In 42 of 65 sites assessed, residents were found aware of to whom they would contact in case of any emergency in upcoming monsoon. Residents of all sites in Dolakha, Gorkha, Kavrepalanchok, and Ramechhap were aware of such contacts.Mon6

Do IDPs at site know whom to contact for assistance in case of emergency needs in rainy season (monsoon)?

 Government (40%) and SMA (24%) would be the main point of contact for displaced population to seek assistance followed by Armed Forces/Police (12%), NGO/iNGO (12%) and Other(12%)