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Of 65 active sites, 58% sites reported having access to functioning health facilities close by (either onsite or within 30 minute walk one way). Health services are mainly provided by the government (78%), followed by local clinics & medical practitioners (22%). 31% of the sites reported that the nearest health facilities lacked adequate drug supply.


How far is the closest functioning health facilites/services (walking, one way)?


Who is the main provider of health facilities/services?

Cold, cough and diarrhea were found the most prevalent health problems at displaced sites. 16 sites reported having at least one TB case known to the community.


Cases of tuberculosis among the IDPs living in this site?

9 out of 65 sites received some form of psychosocial assistance in last four weeks. Providers of psychosocial support in sites were IOM, PIN, Lumanti, Paribartan Nepal and other NGOs/iNGOs.