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Food & Nutrition

In 98% of active sites, food were bought by IDPs’ own resources, an increase from 95% in Round 7.


What is the most common source of obtaining food?

Own resources have been the main source of food for residents in previous round and it has remained same in this round as well. In Round 8, food distribution as being the main source of food had dropped to 2% from 5% in Round 7. This distribution was identified in some sites in Kathmandu only.


Has screening for malnutriotion been conducted in the area for last 4 week?

Meanwhile, 17% of sites reported that screening for malnutrition was conducted in the past 4 weeks which was at 15% of sites in same period in Round 7. Only 5% of sites assessed mentioned that there was availability of supplementary feeding for pregnant & lactating mothers.