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Mobility & Displacement

7 sites in Kathmandu contain a majority of residents who have arrived from other districts. The majority of residents in 3 of these sites are from Sindhupalchok

Return Intentions : Residents of displacement sites were asked where they intend to go when they leave the site (picking only one answer). Fewer than half (42%) intend to return to their place of origin (the district from which they and their family come originally). 22% of IDPs intend to return to their habitual residence (the place they were living before the earthquake). 9% intend to return to their nearest village, whereas 28% have made no plans beyond staying on the siteeople from 11,100 households were living in 104 sites with 20 or more households.

Mobility R2


Impediments to return:  When asked what was the primary obstacle impeding return to their intended destination, the majority of site residents (68%) indicated a damaged or destroyed house. However, there were several other groups  pointing  to  other impediments:

  • 11%  said a lack  of  personal security;  
  • 9%  selected damage to basic infrastructure such as roads; and
  • 5% indicated that the primary obstacle was a lack of food.
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